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I now know what "stink" is!

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I'm slowly trying to build my diaper stash and have been having to buy used in because of limited funds. I recently won 2 diapers off of eBay and I got them yesterday. Right when I opened the package I smelled something. Didn't know what I was nose detected something! After getting a closer "sniff", one of the diapers smelled so bad like urine. I have now washed that diaper 3 times (last time with baking soda) and it still stinks! It is the first diaper I have bought that has fleece on the outside...could this be why it stinks? Does fleece hold odors? I'm so sad cause there is no way I'm using a used stinky diaper on my dd.

On a more positive note, I won an auction for a cool striped Becca Bottoms AIO and I LOVE it! I love the soaker...super absorbant! My dd actually slept in it last night with no problems (about 4 hours). It's stylish and dependable!!
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Fleece does hold smells. I only learned that when I started using Fuzzi Bunz...
otherwise I never had fleece. I tried baking soda but found that Borax works a lot better to get rid of the smell for me anyway. I do a BS soak, rinse, and add a bit of borax to the wash. I don't have to use it everytime but when I notice my FB stinking, in goes some borax!
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Gross! I can't believe someone would send you stinky diapers. I would be mortified! Try borax as suggested or perhaps some distilled white vinegar. The baking soda wash and vinegar rinse has worked wonders for me.
I've now done an additional wash on top of soaking it in cold water and baking soda. Still smells very strong. I e-mailed the person who sold it to me and let her know about the smell. I'm hoping she offers to refund my money or something.
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