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I posted a link on facebook

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I posted the nocirc link on my facebook page, mostly because I have a cousin who is due with her baby boy any day and I don't know what she's going to do about circ (I brought it up to her when they found out the baby is a boy, I gave several links, and said "if you want to talk more about it, please tell me." She said "thanks for the links, it's something hubby and I will discuss." And that was that.

I just am so afraid that she's going to do it! (I hope not, she's pretty natural in most other ways, breastfeeding, natural birthing, careful diet, baby wearing, etc)

So anyway, I posted the link with the explanation "I have several pregnant friends right now, and wanted to pass on this really important link..." and then I talked about how leaving my sons intact was one of my best parenting decisions, etc etc.

I had a friend "like" my post, a friend that I had no idea if her son was intact or not!!! YAY!!! Also, my step-mom, whom I've never discussed the issue with, commented that she "hopes others are listening to your wonderful words of wisdom"!! (she's from Germany, though, so most men she knew growing up were probably intact)

No comment from my pregnant cousin...ugh...I think they're going to do it
I'm going to be so sad for that baby boy...
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Feel good about posting the link. That's really all you can do and you might be educating other FB friends, even those who aren't having children yet. Your cousin may just not be the kind that comments on or "likes" posts or...maybe she hasn't seen it yet. Since FB switched formats recently, I can't find a lot of what my friends post or it will show up several days after the fact.
i'm not on FB. i don't want another reason to be on the computer; MDC uses up most of my computer time.

good for you for posting it. the only comment i have is that i don't agree on it being a "parenting decision." IMO the only decisions that are parenting ones are the baby's name, what kind of carseat, SAHM/D, etc. circ is an informed, adult decision to be made by the penis owner.

It's funny you posted this because This was my status yesterday:
"I believe infant circumcision is risky, harmful, unnecessary, and unethical. Please sign Intact America's petition to the Centers for Disease Control, demanding that they NOT recommend infant circumcision!"

It actually went better than I thought it would.
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Good for you for trying!

And wytchy, I think I'm going to borrow some of that for my status
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