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iProtectmyChild is focused on building responsible services / products, providing extra security defenses. We intend to create unique and responsible bonds with the Parents. Child safety is our top priority.

One of the first things parents discover when they use iProtectmyChild kit is the simplicity of registration, handling, and obtaining DNA for running the DNA profile in Lab. You must be wondering: what if my son disappears? Stop asking and take preventive action.

what you can do:
Keeping track of all the child’s information is essential! In the disappearance of a child, the first few hours are valuable. With the iProtectmyChild kit, you have all the information that matters:
Documented DNA profile;
Fingerprint Record;
Dental Medicine Record;
Unique Characteristics Record;
Height Record;
Photo Record;

We ship all over the world.
For more information send a private message.
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