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This fairy lady has the best timing! I have been having a stressful diapering time as well as life in general (gma died suddenly--I mentioned on another thread) lately, and finally found Muttaqin baby to be a good night diaper for us (with gasp! only one doubler) and I only have two, well wouldn't you know, I got a Muttaqin in the mail today!!!

And even dh was petting it (shhh....don't let him know I told you this but he did the classic putting it to his cheek to test softness) and commented on how well made it looked and how soft. And my toddler ds grabbed it and was trying to snap the snaps!

Its a pretty green with dragons and knights and I just love it! Thank you Fluff Fairy, you are the best!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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