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I recieved fairy fluff!

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I got a Nessa's Nappies diaper in the mail today that I purchased (I think the mama who sold it to me was on here, but may have been on diaperswap, I have been stalking both a lot lately). I love it! The velor inside is sooo soft, and the diaper itself fits Grace perfectly! It has a pink and red hearts pattern all over it (I pitty my next child if it's a boy
: He'll be wearing a lot of girly prints).

The mama also fairy'd me a Gator babies Pocket diaper with carebears on it-- so cute! And sooo nice to have done that for us! Our diaper stash has been going to the trash lately... We had a bunch of Kushies Ultras that we bought used which served us well for the first 10 months of cloth diapering, but have reached the end of their lifespan-- holes in the PUL, the flannel inside ripping apart and out of the diaper, the aplix coming off, the elastic wearing out... just the general sad end of a well-used diaper. It has also meant that we have been washing diapers like mad every day, and sometimes haven't even had time to line-dry them because we're completely out and it's a mad rush to get some clean.

So I'm excited 'cause no mail tomorrow but I got TWO diapers today! YAY!
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