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This weekend, I visited my convert at her house, and played with her stash! It felt so great! I can't wait till her little one gets here, so she can put them all on her little bum! She has mostly prefolds, but I sold her some of mine (rock bottom prices $1-$2 each since she was feeling a little frustrated with mail time, and never finding dipes IRL). She doesn't know it, but I am planning on buying her some more AIOs as soon as I have more paypal as a baby gift, too. I invited her to join MDC to help her with any problems, questions, as I can't help her 24 hours a day like you ladies can! I also gave her some advice as to what else I would get for her stash if I was her (a few more covers and aios, since she has close to 30 diapers- prefolds and a couple fitteds). She is SO excited! It was contagious!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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