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I Slashed Prices. And I Mean Slashed. Buy This Stuff.

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Auctions for bunny coat and Easter dress end in about an hour.

Everything else remains here: All prices are ppd. See my otterphile feedback on eBay.

Children's Clothing

*Baby Gap, 3-6mo, white-and-pink striped sweater: $5
*Unknown, ~6-9mo, aqua blue dress (small stain on front): $3
*Carter's, 9mo, white and flowered sweater, NWT: $4
*Carter's, 9mo, matching white and flowered linen-type dress: $4
*Carter's, 9mo, railroad engineer-pattern jeans, NWOT: $4
*Unknown, 9mo, fruit and pink romper: $5
*Little Me (I think), 9mo, pink jumper, NWOT: $5
*Carter's, 12mo, denim jacket with detachable hood: $5
*Robeez, 12-18mo, pink w/ white flowers, NIP: $25
*Gymboree, 12-18mo plum velvet top and pants: $5
*Bonnie Baby, 18mo, red velvet bodice and tartan plaid w/ gold bow dress: $5


*Cavallini & Co. Italian flashcards, NIB. Click the View Full Size Photo link at This set includes the moon and cat shown at bottom. $20 b/c they are heavy

*Laura Ashley Mother & Child diaper bag (NWOT; definitely a day bag): $10
*Seat covers, 2, pastel rag, tie-on: $10
*Pillow shams, 2, white background with dark blue embroidery, NWOT: $25


*12 UBCPF infant size (green stitching) purchased from Somewhat quilted and ready for wear; EUC. $20

*Two Stacinator large in blue/gray stripes. Bought used but haven't worn; EUC. $12 each/$20 both
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Bump. (There's a rabbit/Easter joke in there somewhere, but I can't suss it out.)

I just realized that I might be coming across as saying that the jacket is made of rabbit. Big n-o on that; it's got ears and is soft, like a rabbit. And a little embroidered carrot on the ribbon. No rabbits were harmed in the making of this jacket!
I'm oviously asking too much for these things. Make an offer!
Last bump before I go garage sale. Notice the new item (Italian flashcards) and the low, low, got-to-go prices!
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