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I start work tomorrow - I was suposed to have another month

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Well..I have been trying to fugure out how not to return to working fulltime after my maternity leave is up. I have to at least work I wentr for a partime job interview today...and I am starting tomorrow.

I know this is good because it means most likely I won't have to return to my fulltime job...and I was even excited this I feel like crying. I'm not ready to leave DS - even for only 7hrs a week.
: Even though I know he will be fine - he wil be watched in the same building as me and he takes a botle fine etc...but the longest I've been away from him is 15mins when DH took him to a store.

...I don't even know why I'm posting this - I'm just so sad, I just got off an hour long phone call to my mom...and that helped some...but I'm so afraid I'm doing the wrong thing.

I don't even know if I can go!!!! And it's not helping that my SIL is geting to stay home with her baby...
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You can do it! It will be hard at first, but 7 hrs a week isn't much at all, especially if this means you won't have to return to work FT.
The "going back part" is just so hard. I don't think anyone can say more than "I survived," the return. Hugs to you. You and your babe will get through it, just be kind to yourself and take it day by day.

Once you get through the first shift or two you will realize that you can do it. Does not mean you won't find yourself crying in the bathroom (who me?) or crying while your milk letsdown while you pump (A voice of experience).

Way to go with the part time situation! That sounds like a great set up.
congratulations on finding PART-TIME work!

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How was it?
Thanks for asking...

It was better than I expected (though it helped that DH got home early and picked DS up about an hour and a half after I dropped him off). I worried about him a little, but the ladies watching him seamed really nice - and I was able to pump more milk than I have been, so I knew he would be well fed (though I was sore not being able to feed or pump for 4hrs - I was in the water). DH reported that the baby was happy when he got picked up, and they had fed him and he did well - he cried at home with DH, but because he was gasy.

He has basically just been BF sense I got home..but I think ithe whole thing was harder on me than him!

I'm still not sure if I will stick with it..but I will give it try.

Thank you everyone for your support!
Even though I'm still feeling a little sad about it, do feel better. ..and I guess one good thing is how much it makes me appreciate being with him even when I'm tired at night!
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