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I am starting a new blog.. right now I am still working on the colors/layout/about me section.. everything!
Should I let people start reading it now in hopes to get early readers or do you think its best to wait until its " done" and the way I want it before I let people read it.

I am writing post daily but it's not how I want it yet.... if that makes sense!


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I would just let people read it -- blogs are constantly changing and evolving and if you never let anyone read it until it was exactly the way you wanted... no one would ever see it
Well, at least that is how it is with me.

I firmly believe though, that it is the writing that counts. I have seen the simplest of blogs that have been wildly popular (brilliant writing) and blogs with all the perfect graphics/colors etc, that are boring -- and everything in between!

Just go for it and put the link in your siggie
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