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I stink!

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Yuck. I swear I shower and put deoderant on every morning like I did before I was pregnant. BUt I am noticing that by mid-day, if I have been moving around a lot and sweating even a little, I smell so bad! I am not used to smelling like BO. Gross. I only hope that my sensitive nose* is picking it up and that I am not grossing out the people around me.

So short of showering twice every day (which doesnt help when I am at work) and bringing extra deo with me to apply often, is there anything else I can do? And please tell me I am not the only one with this problem.

*Speaking of super sensitive nose, I was at the movies with DH last night and I had a hard time concentrating because someones breath was so bad! I knew it wasnt mine because I was breathing through my nose. I eventually figured out it was DH. But he was just sitting next to me, breathing like normal and I could smell it over in my seat! I have never had such sensitive smell. So now I need to carry breath mints around with me, as well as the deo. What fun!
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Don't worry, it's normal. I don't think anyone else notices, ever- what I think happens is that you become conscious of the feeling of dampness, wonder if anyone else can smell it and so your nose tunes in before there's a smell there to notice. I haven't found a fix yet, either.
Just carry extra deo with you - a hassle, but better than feeling paranoid. Using a cornstarch based dusting powder makes me feel dryer longer as well...
For me, it's the feet that are unbearable! My own being the worst! Also, I understand the breath thing, with both pregnancies, my dh's breath has made me leave the room. The other night, I woke myself up from the smell of my own breath
: I can only hope it's just me who is so offended by my odors.
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Jenn, I had some armpit issues last summer (I was also pregnant then) and found a pretty good strategy: I would carry around antibacterial lotion, gel, or wipes, and anytime I felt myself getting too damp, I would swab down with something antibacterial (bacteria cause the odor) and then reapply deodorant. It worked pretty well and I felt better too!

I'm also really sensitive to DH's breath, even when he is breathing through his nose. This super-canine-sensitivity to smells is really unnecessary, if you ask me!
Yep, I've become the powder queen! Put deodorant on twice today and usually never wear it!

I can smell Listerine downstairs after the kids brush their teeth at night!
Man, I was wondering if anyone else was expiriencing this! I can't believe how much odor I have suddenly begun putting off...thanks hormones. I try putting some natural deoderant on buffered by baby powder (the powder also works on smelly feet). Just remember our bodies are working really strong right now, so there you have it.
I think we get all robust and smelly so our babes recognize us when they are born...

My pits aren't that bad, but my feet and nether regions are very ripe. The heat, of course, isn't making it better. Sam even told me the other day that I had a stinky butt, so I know he can smell me! Ewwww!
My suggestion is Lady Speed Stick (Gel). It is an antiperspirant and it works wonders! I also have a major problem with DH's breath lately. I am afraid to tell him. I don't want to hurt his feelings. I know he brushes twice a day and chews gum, but it isn't helping.
I hate most of the shampoo/ body wash, laundry detergent smells. Thought this would go after the first trimester, but it's still around. And yes, more BO here, also hoping it's just my nose.
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