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Introduce myself, that is.

I found this forum from a link on another board. I became immensely curious, so here I am.

I am the mother to 2, the wife to 1, and the proud owner of some farm animals. I work in the field of forensics (CSI is not an accurate portrayal, seriously people). As the famous quote goes "I see dead people"

Anyway, I'm interested in getting to know some of you and maybe learn a few things that will challenge my way of thinking. I don't put a lot of personal info out on boards related to a bad situation with a former friend, but here I am....................

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Originally Posted by NameDeNada
CSI is not an accurate portrayal, seriously people.
My daughter is going to be so crushed!
She wants to be a CSI and LOVES watching it (CSI & Miami) on TV!

Welcome to MDC!

OH, and I love you siggy.
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