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I swear my sit-bones are trying to escape from my body

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I am trying to work right now in the computer lab at school, and I don't know how long I can stand to sit here. Anything harder than a plush upholstered sofa makes my butt SORE. Yowza. I'm trying to tell myself this is surely because the baby is using up the stores of fat that I've lovingly accumulated there over the years.
But man, if this keeps up I'm going to have to carry a pillow around with me. There's only so many positions you can shift into.

(I do have some sciatic nerve problems, but I think this is different.)

Pregnancy cracks me up. I have never had more random, bizarre symptoms happening all over my body. What a powerful little baby I have!!
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LOL!!! That is too funny! I've been having that happen too. I can't stop sewing this pregnancy and sitting in a metal folding chair (all I have besides the computer chair) is killing my pelvis. I have actuall gotten up a few times and not been able to walk until my pelvis popped. Ahh, that wonderful (NOT) joint in the front of your pelvis you don't even know exists until you are pregnant...
Hello, Mimi! I'm infiltrating your threads in the hopes that you'll notice me.
I know it's much easier to post on MDC than it is to call or e-mail your best friend from high school with up-to-the-minute updates.

Carrying around a small pillow with you when you know you'll be sitting for a while is actually a great idea. Yes, pregnancy brings with it "random, bizarre symptoms," but it also brings a considerable amount of sympathy and understanding in the vast majority of cases. So, do whatever you need to do to try to maintain a certain level of comfort. You can always pull the pregnancy card.

Take care.
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YES!!! I know what you mean!

my giant exercise ball that doubled as a birth ball was my lifesaver "chair" for when i worked at the computer during the first pregnancy.

Oh yes! I have TWO pillows on my computer chair. The uphulsterd puter chair wasn't soft enough for my tush. DH accuses me of injecting the pillows with farts. Eww, lol.

Yup! Me too. I get it when I lay down (the bottom of my spine) and when I sit (my tailbone). Ouch!!!! I'm rather thin, so I've always had this problem, but am noticing it even more. The funny thing is, my whole body seems to be getting bigger, but the nice "cushion" I've longed for on my behind, is just getting smaller and smaller! Go figure
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I forgot about the excersise ball. I'm glad someone mentioned it. I used to sit on mine all the time with my last dd. I'll have to blow it back up. I still haven't unpacked it since our move in august
Oh wow. I'm running to inflate my partly deflated yoga ball to replace my chair of doom, aka the computer chair.

I'm constantly shifting my weight around trying to get comfortable.

Originally Posted by myhoneyswife
DH accuses me of injecting the pillows with farts.
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Me too! I told dh last night that my entire pelvis hurts.
There is a weird and sometimes quite intense pain right where my left leg attaches to my body. I call it the "Barbie Doll leg" pain b/c it's exactly where a Barbie Doll's leg looks like it would hurt when her leg gets pulled off.
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