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I think ds has roseola? Should I be worried about my health, starting chemo soon!

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So I think I've discovered the cause of ds's high fever from Tues. night.

Within the past hr, he has a flat, red rash all over his body, excluding his legs. From what i've read it seems like roseola. Roseola is a herpes virus. My question I"m starting chemo on Wed. should I be concerned about my immune system?
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sounds like roseola to me, also - is the fever broken now? If so, it prob. is. (my ds just had this, too!) If you are currently immunocompromised, I would say uh-oh (big time), but I would bet it won't affect you. You should say something to the docs, though - I would call them tomorrow. There are 3 diff recognized organisms that cause roseola and while most often only the one type causes infant roseola, (and you have prolly been exposed to it in your life and have immunity or been vax'd for that type) I guess if they wanted to be off the charts cautious, the worst they would want to do is take blood from ds to "type" his infection (unlikely and probably mucho $$$) and draw you for immunity or ask you to wait to start treatment till the general incubation period is over.
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