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I think I am

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I have almost every symptom of pregnancy missed period, breaking out, sore nips, fatigue.. sickness.. every single thing. I ignored every symptom for about a month, until my brother was looking at me and told me I look pregnant then I added up the signs and was like OMG.. Except I cannot fathom it.. I thought I was barren and I used protection always but my gassy bloated expanding belly I usually crunch to the max and have been unable to do my pilates routine with this month suggests otherwise. I have gotten thinner in the limbs but my stomach.. well it seems to be traveling further out despite my weightloss.
I took a home test which was inconclusive. I am very confused I feel like my body is telling me its pregnant.. it was the last thing on my mind I am not a mommy type. Im going to see if I miss another period and then see the doctor.. did you ladies just "know" despite all logic? I feel like im going nuts and imagining all this.
Its either a baby or some cursed form of pms that I have had all month.
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What do you mean by the home test being "inconclusive"? Either it's positive, negative, or it's a dud of a test and you need to get another one.
I got mine from Dollar General, and they work great and of course are only $1.
It takes a minute for the line to show up, and it can be faint, but a line going the correct direction within 10 minutes is a line.

It *sounds* like you're probably pregnant.
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Personally, I wouldn't wait to take another test or get a blood test at the doctor or a health clinic. Some places will do them for free if money is a factor. If you are pregnant, which it sounds like you very well could be, you'll want to weigh your options and feelings, research your decisions about care, possibly change eating/drinking/exercise habits, that kind of thing. It seems like it would be less stressful to just know one way or another rather than putting it off. Best of luck to you, and let us know how it goes.
Sounds like you could be to me too... the first symptom I got with both my pgs was gagging. For what its worth, I didn't think I could be a mom either. My first was a total surprise, I was married at the time but wanted to go to school to become an N.D. I didn't want kids until I was done with school. My dd is now 4 years old and my 2nd baby is due in June... I still can't think of myself as a mom! I felt horrible till I mentioned it to a friend who has 3 young children and is 36 years old... she feels the same way. I still totally feel like a kid (I'm about to turn 26).
Best of luck either way!
Inconclusive?? What does that mean? Ditto what the previous post said. Either there is a line or there isn't! Those tests are very reliable. Do another one or two (even pee on two at a time if it makes you feel better having the certainty.) And end the suspense. It's important to know! And I hope you get the answer you want.
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