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Hi all,
I just found out I was pregnant! I am excited and scared, if any of you know me this will actually be my second child, I placed my first bd for adoption last April. It took my fiance about 3 days to process that I was pregnant and what to do and although I am scared I am glad he decided to keep the pregnancy.

Although this is my second pregnancy it feels like my first, this time I am doing it with someone that I love and who love me, I am getting married, and I am doing AP and breastfeeding this time around and hopefully birthing at the birthing center. So there is a lot of new info for me out there that i am looking forward to finding out.

I have not been to the doctor yet but if I had the guess the way they do I would say I am 4-6 weeks. My last cycle was at the end of April and I missed May, so...

Hi....looking forward to meeting all of you and learning new things.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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