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I think I converted 2 people!

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My 21 year old sister and her friend were over one day this week. I turned on the Intact Circ Video and walked away. I heard, "Why are you showing us a baby penis?! Is this a circumcision?" "Yes." "I don't want to watch that. I don't want to see what my nephew is gonna have done!" (I told her he's not going to have it done.)

Anyway, they watched the video, asking me tons of questions all along and after. They were in shock! They had the same beliefs about circumcision that many people (myself included) believe until someone teaches them otherwise. My sister even said, "I though it HAD to be done." They talked about how it ruined their day, and blah blah blah.

My sister went home and told my mom all about it and it sounds like both she and her friend have decided not to circ any sons that they might have! Hurray!

Before they left, I said, "Spread the word girls, spread the word." Their friends are all starting to have babies, so hopefully they'll share what they learned!
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Good for you! It's a powerful video, isn't it!

P.S. Has your dh watched it yet?

Originally Posted by A&A
P.S. Has your dh watched it yet?
Nope. We haven't had another conversation about it yet. I'm not bringing it up until I have everything together that I want him to see.
Still working on that! (Luckily there are still 4 more months until this baby is due!)
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