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I think I got poison ivy from....COSLEEPING!

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At least that's the best explanation I can come up with for this rash on the underside of my upper arm. About a week ago my armpit started feeling really tender, like one spot was burning. I thought I might be coming down with a virus and that was just the lymph node. But a couple days later a few clusters of red bumps, like insect bites, began appearing under my arm. It itched some, but it was more like a burning pain. I've had poison ivy before but lately I've been wearing long sleeves and have not been anywhere I could have picked it up. Then one night as my dd snuggled under my arm I thought....maybe she touched some at her preschool playground or if they went for a walk, and she just hasn't built up a response to it yet, but she passed some of the oil on to me. Great. How can I prevent that!!!!

I've heard jewelweed helps the itch but it's a little too late in the season to find any here (killing frosts already). Actually it doesn't itch as much as it just has a steady, burning pain. Oh well. It'll go away in a week or two or three...

Just wanted to share this because it seemed so unusual.
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My thought is....are you really sure it's poison ivy? My mom had shingles a while back, which started as a horribly painful swollen node that sprouted little red bumps. In that case St. John's Wort internally and externally as a compress.

If it's poison ivy, I've heard that technu stuff works well.....
You know, I was wondering the same thing. I did have chicken pox when I was nine. It really isn't looking the same as when I had poison ivy before, and like I said it burns more than it itches. I'll have to look into it, and maybe try St. John's wort. Thanks for the sugestion!
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