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I think I killed

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my lettuce. I had planted some lettuce seeds in a tray (I must stop myself and tell everyone this is the first time I've planted anything other than a lavendar plant last year that lasted about a week). The seeds were really small so I just kind of poured them out. And they grew a lot - like 7 mini stalks per teeny compartment. I took them apart today and replanted some in pots. Now they are all wilted. Did I hurt them?
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Sometimes transplants will go into shock when they are moved. Sometimes the perk up again in a day or to, sometimes they die.It will depend on how much the roots were damaged when you seperated them. It's important to water them well after transplanting.

Good luck.
I just transplanted some romaine into the ground and it did the same thing. Looking sad and wilted but I kept watering and now they are looking fine.
Just give them some time to adjust. Like the pp said, it is the shock.

Good Luck
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Thank you. About half looks like it might bounce back, but the other half just looks pathetic. Ah, well, first time's just practice, right?
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One of the greatest gardeners I've ever known was always saying that we shouldn't worry so much if a plant dies. She would say "Just put it in the ground and see what happens! If it lives, great! If it dies oh well how much did it cost you? A buck? and you learned something."
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