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i think i want to have my baby at home!

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I dont want to have it at the army hosp. so at home is the only other Choice. however DH will never go for it. i just think it would be better for me.

help mama i know im only TTC but i want DH ready and to know that i mean it. WE ARE HAVING OUR BABY AT HOME
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You rock Lovebug!
First you do your research- order some books- etc.
I highly reccomend Birthing From Within By Pam England. You should beable to list a ISO on TP and get it for around $10 or less.
Go read the homebirth stories on here. They are amazing. Both my kids are on there. keagans in a hospital and alaina rennae's- they are near the top.
Homebirth is the way to go. Really. It would not hurt to contact a midwife in your area just to meet with and talk to. They are super busy sometimes- but it can not hurt to call and chat pre pg. They may even have some TTC info for you!
I would have never even considered having a baby at home- untill I came to MDC- now I can not picture doing it any other way- and it irritates me when women are made to believe that they can not do it- or should not do it naturally. It changed my life....
Please pm me with any questions.
At first dh said- NO- we are not even discussing this- but I was firm and just kept takling- it helped with me cause I could remind him how crappy the hospital birth was for all of us....
Get firm facts for him. I am sure being a military guy that will help!LOL!
You can do it!
Good for you mama to be!
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