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I think I'm coming down with a cold/ are these safe?

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EmergenC? Never taken it, but picked some up at grocery store. Is that much Vitamin C ok?

Sleepy Time tea (caffeine free). The one with the bear on it. Wish I had some RRL tea, but my grocery store doesn't carry it.

I've been chugging water too, just wondering if these other things are ok.
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Yes, definitely safe! Both of them. VitC is water soluble -- your body will eliminate what it can't use.
I just fought off a cold with two packets of Emergen-c per day. In the end, I had a day of a sore throat and one day of a runny nose.

My midwives recommend it for labor as well.
My mw's recommend emergen-c, too. I love that stuff. It really seems to help me!!

Hope you feel better soon!
Hope its a quick one or doesnt settle in. ((hugs))
Oh mama - I had a cold last week and it was TERRIBLE. But, short-lived.

Sleep sleep - garlic cloves & vitamin C!
I took emer-gen c too (thought I was coming down with a cold but didnt thankfully.)

Feel better! Lots of vit c, liquids, and rest, mama!
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Thanks Mama's.
My throat is killing me today. I've been drinking the sleepy time tea for that, and I'll try the EmergenC now.
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Good luck with the emergen-c. hope it works for you. stay hydrated and I hope the cold doesn't hit too hard and is over before baby comes. It would be crappy to have a cold and be birthing.
I took the EmerenC drink...I added about 6 oz of water. It tasted horrible! Is it supposed to be that nasty? I couldn't imagine drinking something that tastes that bad in labor. Eww.
I can't stomach the vit c drink...horid. I would swallow as many garlic cloves as you can...especially before bed as you are less likely to taste them when you are asleep. And Neti pot like crazy to keep your sinuses clear. When I feel something coming on that involves my nose, sinuses and throat...using a neti constantly with sea salt solution can prevent it from getting worse. Also you can do drops of grapefruit seed exrtract in juice several times a day.
I don't like the taste of emergen-C but I do like taking it because it really helps me start feeling better. For me, I chug it!!
You actually get used to the taste after a while, and take it before eating something, to help "rinse" your palate. Good luck, mama, I hope you don't have too bad of a cold.
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Bethany, try a different flavor. I started with tangerine because people told me that was the best. Ick.
Cranberry is my favorite.
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I am trying to get over a cold and I drank the emergen-c lemon/lime. I could hardly taste it and it was still nasty. It also gave me the worst heartburn and acid reflux. I told dh he better not grab that for me when I am in labor, don't need heartburn and acid reflux to deal with then. I have some strawberry I am going to try hopefully it will taste a little bit better? I have been drinking lots and lots of water and taking a little more Juice Plus, also my midwives green drink gives me a good boost. I hope you feel better soon!
Maybe I'm weird but I like it. LOL The only other thing I drink is water and tea so maybe it's just cause it seems sweet to me. LOL
oh man i'm getting a cold now and it's terrible. Definitely do that emergen-C stuff...any anything else that's safe.

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