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I think it is wonderful....You ladies are inspiring.....

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I am not a BF mom due to many difficulties when kids were born. I tried so hard with both kids. I gave it my all. I had all the support and help but it was a no go. I dont think I even had milk come in on my left breast....It never got engorged or felt like it was drying up. I couldnt even hand express any.

But anyway....I think you ladies are truly wonderful for voicing your opinions to the public.

Dont stop advocating....And just remember most FF moms really wish they could BF. Most do support you, I do at least.

Thanks again ladies!!
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thank you
I was a ff mom too!! I tryed to bf my first ds and it was a nighmare. But I have gone on to bf my next 2 dc, I' m currently nursing cory at 21 months. I hope you try again if you ever have another. Every baby is diffrent. I know of lots of mom on here that did not bf 2 0r even 3 of there dc and are now bfing with sucess!!!
I most definitly plan to try again when we decide to have another. I tried even harder with DS. So with each one I try even harder! I plan to get there!!!!
SillymommaX2: That is some nice encouragment for us all!!! How sweet of you!
Maybe you might want to do some searching for a really good lactation expert and find the root cause/s for your troubles? It is really great to hear from someone who tried her damnest and still wants to try again!

It's kinda like me and natural birth (vaginal)-- after two c-sec I would still try again if i were to have more kids --Which I'm NOT but... anyway...

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