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I think it's finally happening ....

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I've been waiting to miscarry for two weeks. Two u/s, one at 7w4d and one at 9w0d showed a g.sac with yolk sac, but no embryo. There was no change between u/s. So, I've been waiting. Have had dark spotting since the last u/s, but no "flow" would really get going. I think today it's finally getting moving.

I'm just looking forward to being done with this, preferably without having to subject myself to D&C. And then, hopefully, TTC again.

I hope this is it! Needing the closure to just move on.

Does this sound like everyone else's lead up to their m/c?
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to you. I was with you on the March ddb. The leadup to my m/c (yesterday) was 2 days of increasing bleeding with intensifying cramping. I think that what you are experiencing sounds like the beginning.

I wrote about mine yesterday, but I have had other friends with different experiences. I've had friends go into the shower and feel it happen there, and others who have had a longer process. I know there are herbs you can take, but it sounds like things are proceeding on their own for you.

I hope it happens in the most peaceful way it possibly can, and that you have the support you need. Again, I am so sorry that this was the conclusion of your pregnancy, and I hope that we find ourselves firmly planted in another ddc together very soon!
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Hi, Celeste,

I sent you a pm when I read your message. I'm so sorry. I hope you are finding peace. I'm feeling okay, just wanting to move on already. I'm confident that we will be ddc buddies again in the very near future!

Take care of yourself,
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I just got your email, Judy. Thanks so much for that. I also have the "move on" feeling. It feels good not to be despairing over this - I've been there before with my last m/c and it ain't pretty.

I'll PM you! Keep us posted.
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