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About a week ago I gave my dogs a chew hoof each. I have given them a few in the past and decided since I was at the pet store I would get them one each. Well when I went to take them away that night there was only one piece left about an inch and a half in diameter.

My little guy (65lbs) was acting needy that night like he didn't feel good. He eats fine and acts fine until just after he eats. Then he stands with his tail down next to me, if I move he follows. He just want to be touching me. He is eatting and pooping fine, not vomiting, and no blood in poop or urine. This has been going on for a week. He is a raw fed dog.

I'm thinking about feeding him some canned pumpkin for a few days to see if the fiber can help him pass it. Of course if he stops pooping or eatting than he will go to the vet. Any other ideas?
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