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i think my milk is going bye-bye

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last night when we went to bed DS started to nurse and then started crying and saying "mommy milk? no mommy milk!"...he tried the left one, then the right one, then the left one, then the right one and just kept crying and asking for more DH went and got him a sippy of milk...but i just felt so bad.

i squeezed my left nipple and got some milk although i couldn't see how much (it was dark) so i know it's not completely dry, but the letdown or something must be reduced.

he nursed this morning and seemed to get something, so i don't know what's gonna happen...we'll see i suppose...
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I pumped a few times when I was out of town last week. My letdown is *slow*. I mean really slow. It took me 5 minutes in a hot shower massaging with my hand while pumping to get the letdown started. I know that pumping is always harder to get that letdown than a with a child, but I could generally get a letdown within 30 seconds using a pump.

DD seems to be noting that my letdown is slow as well. When she sticks to it, she's often got milk around her mouth when she's done, so I know she's getting something.

Maybe you can do something to encourage your DS to stick with it for a few more minutes?
i think it was a combination of things last night. i think he was partly dreaming, actually. LOL he had been asleep for a few hours already, i had just changed him and moved him into our bed, and he stirred and asked to i think it was a weird moment to begin with.

today hes' nursed with no problems. *shrug*
So that wasn't a normal time to nurse for you, then?

I'm noticing my supply knows the time of day *very precisely* these days. More so than before...
My milk is totally gone. I'm not even 11 weeks, and it vanished about a week ago. My supply was low already, but now it's very very hard to get a teeny tiny drop out. Julian doesn't seem to mind, he's still suckin' away a few times an hour, and it's not TOO uncomfortable to dry nurse, so it's not really a problem per se. I hope my colostrum comes in early, though, so he can get some good stuff out of all his effort.
i can tell my milk is starting to change right over to colostrum, i usually have quite a bit in my breasts for months. the milk is turning more clear.
no, it IS definitely a normal time for us to nurse, that's what's weird. and i'd just had a huge tumbler of water so i wasn't dehydrated or anything...*shrug* who knows...i'll just keep on plugging away.
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for mama and Rowan
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