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I think my toddler is weaning

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My sweet little girl is 19 months old and I am 8 weeks pregnant. She was nursing 6-8 times a day, but in the last three weeks she's cut down to 3 times a day. Morning, naptime, and bedtime. I really was looking forward to CLW, but I can't believe she's ready. I know there is a lot less milk and that it tastes different, and I offer often but she says no. And she doesn't seem as attached to the other nursings as she was. So really there are two issues for me - one is that I feel like she wasn't ready to wean and I'm worried that's where this is heading. I'm so early in pregnancy - if this is already an issue how will we keep nursing? The second thing is my overwhelming sadness at losing this bond. I wasn't ready yet either. I'm just sad and looking for some sympathy. Thanks...
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I am sorry you are sad.

You are probably correct in your concern that this isn't her "natural" timetable to wean, but rather imposed upon her by your pregnancy. That said, that is the way it is. She *will* be gaining a sibling. I feel a lot of guilt about the change in my nursing relationship w/DD during my pregnancy w/DS, but at the same time...
I did what I could do given the circumstances, and that was all I *could* do.

BUT... she may not wean. Three times a day is still three times a day. You could try to increase your milk supply, you could continue encouraging her to nurse, you could plan on trying to get her to nurse after the baby is born... you really can't tell what will happen now.

We all want "the best" for our children... but what "the best" is can change with time and circumstance. You can try *YOUR BEST* to give DD what you think she needs, but it is not all up to you, kwim?

Good luck &
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