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I think the baby named itself last night.

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I just HAD to tell someone this besides dh. We're not telling anyone here the baby's name until after it's born tho. So you guys are the first to know! Don't you feel special?

So last night DH, the kids and I went to my bffs house to watch a couple of movies. One of the movies was "Time Travelers Wife". In that movie there was a little girl named Alba.

The name kept calling to me but I just didn't like it. But it kept tugging at me...

So then we are on our way home when I (for no discernible reason) think about the Northern Lights. I knew there was another name for them but couldn't remember it. So, I asked my DH. "Aurora Borealis" he says. Interesting. Aurora was on our list until the previous night. We crossed it off because it just didn't call to us. So we continue on down the road and I see a sign at the high school. And what does it say? "Northern Star". At that moment I felt a need to name this little one Aurora... A name I'm still not sure about.

Ok, so this is a little weird... I get home and look up the name. The first site I click on is one of a lady who was told to name her daughter Aurora in a dream. The second was this one. Remember that my first tug of the night was on the name Alba. Then go to that page and look at the meaning they have for Alba.

I'm still weirded out by this... But if that's what this one wants- that's what this one gets. And if she ever decides she doesn't like her name- She has only herself to blame.

Anyone else w/ a similar naming experience?
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Alba is also the Gaelic word for Scotland. So, if you're Scottish that would be even cooler. :) Everywhere else (Italy, Spain, etc) it means either sunrise or white light.
that's awesome. it's my hope i get some kind of sign like that because i have absolutely no strong preference and am worried for the first time ever. i'm trying real hard to pay attention!

aurora's a great name.
Wow thats so strange, Aurora is such a beautiful name it's actually one of the names i was thinking of for a girl
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Aurora is the name of my best friend. I love it!
What a neat story. And what a beautiful name!

I am dealing with something simliar. I think my baby might be a boy (just a hunch). Everytime I fast-forward and think about when he's here I keep calling him a certain name (I'm not ready to share the name yet). The thing is, I don't really like the name, it isn't anything like the names on my list. But I can't shake it. In my daydreams that is what I call him.
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