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My Anna, 3 years, 8 months, and 4 days old today, seems to be weaned.

It was fairly abrupt in that she's been nursing once a day, every day, at bedtime. The last few days, we've really been struggling with her "inability" to drink the milk -- she'd just suck, which was very uncomfortable (painful) for me.

Tonight, she told me "I just can't drink it anymore, Mamma...when I was a baby, I used to be able to drink, but now, I can't!"

We had talked about weaning before, and agreed that her 4th birthday would be a good day to be weaned. Tonight, though, I suggested that, if she didn't want to drink the milk anymore, that she might consider weaning today.

She thought about it, then announced "Daddy! I'm weaned!" She asked if she could call her best friend Abigail, who is 4 weeks younger and weaned in early February.

We talked about how Anna could still have close-time with Mamma in the milk chair, even is she is weaned.

I guess tomorrow night at bedtime will be the real test of whether this "weaning" sticks, but I have a feeling she is done. I had a good cry about it -- I'm ready for Anna to be done nursing, but there are so many emotions that come with it.

I just thought I'd share about it here.
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