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it seems like everytime some a##hole writes a stupid article we get our boobs in an uproar :LOL and respond with some scathing retort. after the most recent anti-breastfeeding article - i thought...maybe this jerk just wants the publicity. look - a good, normal person has no problem with breastfeeding. they aren't the ones writing the articles. its the ones who like to stir trouble.

my thinking is this: why not - everytime someone writes something negative - we just simply ignore it or bombard them with "thank you for your opinion" letters. that's it - nothing else. just "thank you for your opinion" you KNOW how much that will infuriate them!

then - when someone writes a positive article - we do whatever possible to thank them publicly and praise them profusely!

we will still continue with our nurse-ins - but just not acknowledge any neg. press - or kill them with kindness.

just my 2 cents
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