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I think we're about done...

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Wow. I've been at this with twins for 3.5 years. This forum has kept me grounded for the last year or so. Thanks so much. I didn't expect them to wean until four or after, but I think it's happening. It may piddle along until 4 I guess, and that's fine. I can't in all honesty describe the process as entirely CLW once they turned 3, but this has still been the forum that fit most nearly what we've done. I don't think it will be the kind of end that calls for a weaning party for them, but I may need some kind of ceremony to mark the occasion. I already bought new bras.
I mean something spiritual. It's been a huge huge journey and my life is forever changed by it.
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That's AWESOME momma! WTG for nursing TWINS for that long. You should be sooo proud of yourself. It brings tears to my eyes to just think of nursing my dd that long. She's almost 2 and I think we're actually going to make it!! Yeah for you!
That is great to make it that that long. Such a great start for them in life.
Wow...nursing twins for such a good, long time--you're truly an inspiration to me.
Awwww - thanks so much mamas! I knew you would understand!
That's an amazing amount of time. Your girls are blessed!
Wow, you rock for nursing twins for so long!
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Thanks again.

I had this strange experience last night, I woke up in the middle of the night (well that's not strange, I'm Amy and I'm a Forty-Year Old Nightwaker
) and started thinking about weaning. At first I had a sort of panic attack, because nursing has really changed me at the core of my being and I wondered if my creativity and strength would stop coming as my milk stops coming. Then I realized that life doesn't work that way, and the creativity and strength and life-giving that I've been doing through nursing I'll still be doing, but in different and equally wonderful ways. It's so hard to articulate exactly how nursing changed me, but it opened a door to my soul and spirit that I had shut long ago, and it empowered me, freed me, compelled me to be myself, stand up for myself, know myself, in ways I had been able to deny before. So opposite of the images of nursing I have read in mainstream and even well-loved feminist writings. I have never felt like a cow, just there to be stupid and give milk. On the contrary, I have felt called to my deepest intelligence and strength as I gave and sustained life and health for these two little new lives. I have never felt like the "many-breasted mother" so decried by my sister feminists (presumably outside of MDC
) as the woman who is forced to nurse the planet against her weak will. On the contrary, I have felt that my body's ability to make and sustain life focused my priorities and taught me for the very first time in my life the value of that little word "No." It also taught me the very great value of that big word "YES." No to things that don't matter, yes yes yes to all the possibilities life has to offer.

I have really appreciated this forum along this journey. I have never tuned into my instincts before like I have when nursing, and this forum specifically has helped hone those instincts. I know that for some of you my journey seems short, and I like that I'm writing this in a place where my family counts as EARLY weaners. I am so proud to be part of a community that supports children nursing as long as they need and want to do so, and I appreciate the support here for me and my children as well.

Blessings on all mamas and nurslings!
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Amy, that was beautifully said (and so true!). Things will be different, but the same. Welcome to a new phase of the journey.

I hope that one day our paths will cross.
amy, that was so beautiful!! thank you for articulating that - it's such an inspiring way to see yourself and your family!

i think you're right that a door has opened... and even as nursing ends, the door remains open
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