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I thought it wouldn't happen to me, doctor retracted DS

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Well, he didn't retract him, not totally anyway. DS has a short foreskin, and he just kind of moved it around, really gently, and just so you could see the tip of the penis (he didn't "expose" any of the penis at all) but from what I've read I guess this is still considered retraction
: It didn't hurt DS at all, he didn't even seem to notice.

I was just so shocked... and it happened so fast. This is DS's 4th appointment, and he never even touched his penis at any other appointment, and even made sure that I knew that the foreskin should never be retracted.

The dilema is this... (other than this incident) I LOVE his doctor. He is totally supportive of every one of my parenting choices, encourages the family bed, didn't vax his kids, is totally supportive of EBF... etc. He's kind of older, in his late 60's probably.

How do I go about educating him without coming off as a total bitch? Obviously, my son's health is #1 to me, but I want to avoid offending this doctor as much as possible.

How can I nicely and tactfully 'educate' him about this? What can I say?
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Gosh, it does sound like it was pretty harmless AND the guy also seems to have proven himself already for a long time.

Maybe you want to pose it as a semi-question? Say something like: "in our last appointment you seemed to retract DS's foreskin a bit and it has been on my mind because all that I have read AND what you've always explained to me is that one shouldn't even touch it. Can you explained why you did that?"

Then maybe say "It made me unconfortable. Could we leave his penis out of future examinations?"

Given his approach to medicine it seems he'll have no problem. I'm sure you can word it very kindly.
What he did is retraction tho most dont think of it that way. Any movement of pushing the foreskin back toward the glans is retraction. It is 100% your right to tell the dr during a visit to not even look under the diaper. You can say look but dont touch his penis it just makes you to uncomfortable. Since there is nothing he can see there anyway it is pointless. Since a babies skin is so thin it can tear very easily without him meaning to. What he did was the equivelent of spreading a little girls vagina and we all know how well that would go over.
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