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I thought ProCare was supposed to be durable?

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I'm brand new to diaper-making, and recently I've purchased around a dozen different types of fabric to experiment with making diapers. I've received my ProCare so I dutifully prewashed it (as my old home ec teacher made us promise to do with every fabric). I threw it in my FL washer (hot wash/cold rinse) and dried on hot along with some towels. I figured that's pretty close to diaper-washing conditions.

Anyway, when I pulled the ProCare out of the dryer, the fabric was noticeably softer, but there are a couple of spots where the laminate side seems a bit "melted" and there are holes. Uh...what gives? I thought this stuff was supposed to be more durable than PUL and able to withstand hundreds of industrial washes??

Does anyone have any experience with this fabric? I wanted to make some covers and AIOs (I'm experimenting with patterns too
), but now I'm not sure that I should even bother with the ProCare. Thanks for any help!

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No, I haven't used the stuff, but maybe you got part of a bad lot? I think you should call or email the company you bought it from to see what they have to say. Good luck.
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it does become softer and loses that plastic-y smell, but I have not had this probelm, and I've used a ton of procare and still do. I use a lot of diapers made out of procare and have not had anything like this happen.
what do you mean there are holes?
Yup, the fabric is softer, but there are three or four places that seem like the laminate has "melted." I really don't know how else to describe it. At those melted spots, there are small holes (like maybe a baby's pinky nail in size). It almost looks as if a hot iron might have touched those spots, but the fabric was fine before I put it in the wash. My washer and dryer are the type that's supposed to be kind to clothes, so if the procare can't deal with a little prewash, I really wonder how it's going to stand up to diaper washing.

I'm wondering, do I go ahead and make a diaper with this stuff? I'd hate to waste my other materials if this is going to fall apart on me. I'm really so disappointed.

On a happy note - my Kool-Aid dyed, Very Baby Snug Wrap wool soakers are looking pretty cool.

I have some procare that I hated for diapers but it made a great wet bag. It goes in the washer and dryer almost every day (an hour in the dryer - I'm too lazy to pull it out sooner
) and it's shown no sign of wear.

I think yours must be defective. Can you send it back or at least email the seller? (can't think of the right word)
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Well, I did email Wazoodle (where I got the ProCare), and I have to say, I think Lee Anne must have some of the best customer service around. She's given me some info on the fabric, and she's sending me replacement fabric. Great online shop! (NAVY - just wanted to let you folks know how it all turned out.)

Anyway, the word is, any poly fabric might melt in temps exceeding 250°. So, my take-home lesson is not to super-dry the ProCare in a hot dryer. I'll set it at a lower temp from now on.
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