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I thought spit up was normal in babies - no?

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Both my babies spit up quite a bit. DD2 had pain associated with it and it seemed to be reflux so we tried a bunch of different things and now she's fine. But she still spits up at least a couple times a day (with no pain).

I always thought all babies spit up and that's just what normal healthy babies do. But now I'm reading about reflux and how people with babies who spit up give them reflux meds. And my friend's baby spits up and she's really upset about it.

Is spit up always a sign that something is wrong?
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Welcome to the happy spitters club!

"If your baby is a 'Happy Spitter' --gaining weight well, spitting up without discomfort and content most of the time -- spitting up is a laundry & social problem rather than a medical issue."

My DD hardly spit up- DS...every single time her eats and sometimes more. Its annoying, but no big deal really.
My DD1 "spit up" nearly the entire contents of her stomach every feeding from day one, then continued doing that well into age 3. We tried all sorts of things, diet changes, limited activity after meals, tums, etc. Nothing worked. It didn't bother her as much as it bothered us though. Finally our pedi. suggested she be looked at by a gastro-enter-ologist (sp??) and they gave her wierd juice and put her infront of a x-ray machine that showed her stomach contents. It was cool. When she turned over, or layed down, or sat up, the contents would splash up into her esophogus. So they diagnosed GERD and gave her meds saying that the sphincter at the top of her stomach possibly damaged from the acid and can't work properly like that. They said after a few weeks on the meds, we could try taking her off them and see if she healed and if the prob. goes away, and after a few weeks, it did!

Sometimes spit-up really is a problem, sometimes it's just spit up. I think it should be diagnosed through careful testing rather than just parental anecdotal, "It's a whole lot!" and it shouldn't be forgotten that babies still have immature digestive systems (that's why ALL babies spit up at times).
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My DS never spit up and had terrible reflux. My DD spits up like it is her job, but I didn't think she had reflux at all. I took her to the pedi for a regular check up and her throat was so raw it was almost blistered from reflux. (I have adult acid reflux so my kids were prone to it.) I don't think you can use spit up as a guide to whether or not they have reflux. I certainly don't spit up with my reflux.
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Spit up isn't a problem, vomit can be.
My LO spits up - milk that looks the same as it did when it went down - and it's no problem for him at all. What is a problem is the constant vomiting - curdled clots that smell like stomach acid and were streaked with blood a few times before we got him on reflux meds.
DD was a happy spitter...LOL. In the beginning, she would spit up so much and so often I was concerned. After some more research, I realized that 1) it is fairly normal for babies spit up a lot and 2) that it if it was not causing her any discomfort, she was fine. Plus, she was gaining very well.
my youngest spits up a LOT. still. and she's 11months. she even spits up whole pieces of food like peas. it seems to be more of a laundry issue than anything else as she's usually happy and seems confused as to why she's barfing up her beloved "nack" so i'm not worried. but it sure does make for lots of laundry.
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My first child spit up a lot, she was still spitting up at 12mos, and I only later connected it to her food intolerances. When she was 3.5yo we eliminated gluten and a lot of subtle stuff improved (like bedwetting and squishy poop, odd stuff), and in retrospect (esp after hanging out in the Allergies forum) it is very, very likely that it was food-related for us.
I really wonder how natural spitting up is. My baby spits up more or less depending on what I eat. I wonder if she is sensitive to certain foods. Mostly her spit up is minimal, but yesterday she kept spitting up a ton! And had a lot of gas. Obviously indigestion - probably to something I ate.
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