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I was talking to my hubby and as my son walked out of the hall, he said something about "the baby". So right then, I just spilled it! LOL I didnt want my kids to think we were hiding something from them, so I figured it was time to tell them before they hear other little tidbits.

My 6 1/2 yo said "yeah right". He didnt believe me! :LOL

My 3 yo said no she didnt want a baby because we already have one. But then my husband reminded her about going to the birth center and getting jack out of the bathtub :LOL and then she thought it was a good idea!

So I told them when it would be, near Daddys birthday (Jan 25) and Camilles birthday(Feb 7). After Christmas. I think my 3 yo can understand dates this way....
Of course we have a 16 month old who is oblivious, but I will start talking to him a couple months before I am due. My daughter was the same age when Jack was born, and she understood once I was big.

I am so glad I told them. Still not planning on telling anyone else yet, but if it slips out from the kids, its okay.
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