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my dd #1 was posterior and i was in labor for 5 days.
it was very hard (still natural homebirth, spiritual etc)
but still
and when this baby began to present posterior too i began to do some major research.
long story short
after going to my chiro 2x per week doing the webster technique for over a month and spending a lot of time on my hands and knees and pretty much only sitting on the floor (and other things...i have a crazy long lists of do's and don'ts)
i got him to turn!!!
at first i did not realize he had turned...i knew something was different but every AM i would look at my belly in not see the shape that i assumed was the only way a non posterior baby should look (turns out there is way more varriation there than i realized)
anyway....i knew that my tail bone pain had gone away...and one night i had dh and i check for a heart beat with our one has been able to hear it yet b/c of hte posterior instinct told me to position it on my bottom Left...and i heard the heart beat right away!!!!

then i was able to feel around and realize that the baby had turned!
today at my chiro apt he felt around and felt the same thing!!!

i can not even begin to tell you how revolutionized i feel about the upcoming birth (that will be so much easier b/c of this new position!)
and how empowered i feel to have accomplished this with my baby thru my research etc.
and that i am the first person who heard the heart beat, rocks my world!
anyway, had to share!

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congrats moma justice
That is awesome. It's encouraging to hear that this can actually work. I too suffered w/ a posterior birth and 48 hours of labor, 24 of which were HARD & painful back labor.

My sweet little boy has been in the transverse position for at least 2 weeks...I'm going into my 33rd week tomorrow and had a MW appointment today.

She didn't do the webster, but kind of pushed the babe to force him to move...which he did-but boy he didn't like it
He didn't turn into the optimal position, but at least went head down/posterior. BUT as soon as I left her office, BACK he went into his little cradle position. I've got to start talking to him and coaxing him into the optimal position soon.
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