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I wake him more than he wakes me!

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Help! I think I am waking my ds up more than he is waking me up at night! I try not to drink too much water before bed but without fail I'm having to go to the bathroom 2-6 times throughout the night. Each time the little guy wakes up! He's a sensative sleeper and sleeps snuggled right by me (3 months old). Also, My legs get really really sore from not being able to shift position as needed (we sleep tummy to tummy and if I move he wakes). So, once I feel like I'm just going to die from pain and have to move to my back...he wakes up evert time! I think we'd get more sleep if I could solve these problems! Any advice? I've been trying not to drink much water after 7-8pm at night, but I don't want to wreck my supply by not drinking enough. I'm not ready to move him onto another mattress or anything...I like him right by me. I just want to be able to sleep through the night myself and maybe he'd get more rest!!!! Help!
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Two suggestions:

1) Try a sidecar arrangement. You might like it more than you think and you can always move him back in with you if you don't

2) Talk to your doctor and/or see a urologist. If you're limiting your water intake, 2-6 times to get up at night is a lot! I used to think I was a poor sleeper. Then I had some kidney pain and went to a urologist and found out I had chronic urethritis (inflammation of the urethra). When we took care of that, presto! I slept much better.
I had this same problem with mine around 4 months. It was making it really hard on me and her both. As much as I hated to move her I did. I used the sidecar thing, that way she couldnt feel me move, however she was within an arms reach distance. It ended up working out great. In the mornings when my husbands gets up for work I nurse her and put her in the bed with me. That way at night we both get good sleep at night and in the morning we are in and out of sleeping but I still get to snuggle. Best of both worlds for me
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At that age they still startle easily and wake easily...ds outgrew it around 4.5 mos. good luck!
Gosh, anyone out there have this as an ongoing problem?

DS is 18 months and I still constantly wake him. When I sleep in the other room and he sleeps just with dh, they both sleep so much better! It kinda sucks. DS likes to cuddle with me, sleep on my pillow, etc. so we have a huge king sized bed and I am sleeping in about the last 6 inches on the side!

Any ideas?!
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