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I want a housekeeper (PDX)

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I just can't keep up. Yes, as a SAHM I guess it's my "job" to figure out how to keep up with it, but I can't. So, do any of you have any recommendations? What does he/she charge? What do they do? What won't they do?
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I have a friend who does house cleaning. She makes around $15-$20 per hour, but she can pretty much clean an entire house really well in 3 or 4 hours. Anyhow, she does almost anything but most people don't want her to do things that take a really long time (like clean out cupboards). I don't think that she does laundry, other than a load of towels. I am sure she would though.
I think you could also maybe get a younger girl as a mother's helper for $8 an hour or so to help you do smaller chores like vaccuming, sweeping, helping you prep dinner. But I don't know if that would help you that much. Maybe the housekeeper twice a month would be more helpful

Anyhow, good luck! I understand why you would need some help with the house cleaning; you are busy mothering your children!
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Good for you!

Check out Craigslist. The Seattle one always has a lot of people advertising for housekeeping work.
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