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I want a longer luteal phase, really I do, why don't I believe me

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Judging by last cycle, AF should be showing up in a few days, and I'm happy about that because the sooner AF comes and goes, the sooner I can be waiting to O and the sooner this whole TTC thing can get started.

I know it'll be better if I have a longer luteal phase, so I know I should be hoping for AF to take like another week to get here. I've even been reading on acupressure for regulating hormones and improving kidney qi.

But I can't help but want AF to just show up already and my cycles to get on with things!
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I know how you feel. I had an 11 day Luteal Phase while TTC #1. I had to go on Progesterone Suppositories to support the pregnancy (after a m/c). Now, TTC #2, my LP varies between 11-13 days. Having a short cycle of 24-25 days gives me more chances, more quickly to TTC. You may be fine with your LP. I have a beautiful 13 month old daughter to show for mine!!!
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Have you tried taking extra Vit B-6? Someone posted on a board here that she takes an extra 400 mg of B-6 a day to lengthen her LP. I tried it (taking an extra 400 mg of B-6 on top of my prenatals...200 mg in the am, 200 mg in the pm). After taking it for an entire month, my LP went from 9-11 days to 15 days!

Good Luck!
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Ooo, I'll have to try that.

The really annoying thing about the short luteal phase is my cycles are still 30 days long so I don't even get more chances to TTC out of it! I only have 3 cycles before we have to start making plans for Hawaii instead.
Okay, it's probably a fluke, because I'm pretty sure acupressure's supposed to have an effect over time not an immediately, but I did all the hormone balancing points about 5 times yesterday and my temp this morning jumped by 0.24 degrees. (which makes my chart look triphasic, but don't get your hopes up, we definitely didn't bd around ovulation).

The whole "airplane wing" look of DPO1-7 is also funny, I've looked through numerous charts in the gallery and it appears to be unique.
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I was thinking that your chart looked pretty with that cool curve. I've never seen it before either. It's a good thing when your temps stay about the same - your chart will be easier to read that way. My temps are usually all over so I never have an idea what is going on
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I started the progesterone cream this past cycle from after O until af. I also started taking 200 mg of B6 and my LP increased to 14 days. I thought it was 15 but that was the day af started and FF didn't count that day as part of my LP Anyway it made it longer. Not sure which one did the trick but I am repeating them both this cycle.
BTW progesterone cream eases the PMSy symptoms so I was much more mellow about my 2 ww than before
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Vitex is great for balancing cycles but takes a few months to kick in and can make a couple cycles wacky. It's more of a long term thing but I think it's worth it (speaking in general, not telling you what to do). The lp is not independent from the first phase of the cycle since the progesterone is converted from the previous hormones. The goal (in my opinion) is balance.

I had a similar problem with normal length cycles but delayed ovulation and shorter lp. I'm not sure how much it played into my issues overall, I don't think very much. Vitex helped a lot but I stopped it when I did my clomid cycles. So did progesterone on the months I took it, like after my IUI's and I agree that it really helps PMS.

Good luck!

I would second (or is it third?) Vitex and Vit B. I started both in earnest last April. My April cycle was crazy, a 6 day LP with bleeding starting on 1 DPO! I cried and cried. Now I think it was just my body adjusting and getting ready because next month I got my
! You could have knocked me over with a feather, I was not expecting it so soon.

I truely believe the herbs and vitamins helped. I say go for it!
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I used to have a 10-11 day LP and other than worrying that it might be too short to sustain a pg, I loved it while TTC. It was great to never get to the really obsessive 12, 13, 14dpo.
Now, I have a nice long 13 day LP with AF usually arriving late morning the day I'm 14dpo. I don't like that I get my hopes up so high before she arrives, that I waste more HPTs, and on top of all that the longer LP seems to be doing me no good at all as I'm still not pg.
At any rate, sorry about that rant, and here's hoping you have a nice long, but not too long, LP.
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wow are babies are bout the same age i;ve felt like such a boon on here ttc while my son is still under 2. thanks for being here trying again!!
Hmm, well we're only trying for 3 cycles this time since we're aiming for a summer baby for school so I don't want to do something that messes with cycles for a few months. But if things don't work out this time, I'll definitely check out vitex to prepare for next year.

Is progesterone cream by prescription?

I'm also hoping that my natural luteal phase is longer than last cycle because I did just get off hormonal birth control.
Progesterone cream is OTC most healthfood stores carry the good stuff or it can be bought online. Emerita Progest cream is what I use. It is the progesterone suppositories you need a script for.

The hormonal changes after the pill could still be affecting your cycle.
Sapphire what thermometer are you using? I notice your temps are in between lines on your chart.
It's pink and goes to 0.01 degrees. I tried to find the purple one and couldn't.

Thanks for the info about the progesterone cream.
Does anyone have more information from external sources about how much B6 is recommended to lengthen one's luteal phase?

I'm wondering because the RDA (2 mg) is sooo low compared to the 200-400 mg people have mentioned in this thread.

I've found a few things online with warnings like this:

I'm curious, because I'd like to use it as well... thanks.

Personally, I was going to take the B6 just post O. And only while TTC. I very rarely eat the foods listed as having B6 so I'm more concerned about a deficiency.
This may be a dumb question, but what is the luteal phase?
The period between ovulation and menstruation.

If it is not long enough (at least 10days, but preferably over 12) it may be difficult to become pregnant.
I'm on 11DPO!!! Woo!! No AF!!
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