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I want a Turkish Van cat!

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Is it unethical to want a pure bred cat? My beloved cat died in May. He was not pure bred, but in everyway so close to a Turkish Van. He had the best personality, he was beautiful, smart, wise, great with children and dogs, and he liked to swim! Most importantly dh was not allergic to him.

Shelters are full of cats that need loving homes. But dh really can't be around cats who are not mostly white with long hair. We have been looking for months, but no luck in finding such a cat. I know I should just be patient, but I am so tempted to call up a T.V. breeder and have a kitten shipped ASAP!
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You can check out and put in your breed specifics. I tried for my location and there were quite a few listed in my state.

Another option would be to contact a breeder and tell them what kind of personality you like, to ask them if they have any retired adults who will soon be placed for adoption. Usually they'll charge a small fee to cover their neuter/spay costs (and to weed out those people who get animals for testing
: ) and being that it is an adult you'll know the personality up front.

I personally don't think it is unethical to adopt from a RESPONSIBLE breeder. One that aims for health, personality, type and has no issues spending the money to exhibit the animal and have it judged by it's "peers". The vast majority of breeding that happens is a result of failed/neutering of pets...letting them outside and propogate. Planned breedings are quite few by comparison.

I can't say I feel 100% positive about a breeding program, mainly as all dog/cat breeds have health issues because of inbreeding/breeding for unnatural physical traits, etc. Though, I do feel better adopting the less in demand "adult"....don't know if you considered adopting an adult. Responsible breeders are ALWAYS looking for good forever pet homes to place their alters in.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. it's pretty hard, afaik, to find a pure bred turkish van. usually what you'll end up finding are what's called "van alike" because they don't have traceable parentage, or something like that. I've searched on the internet for turkish van breeders, and I just didn't see any one that inspired my confidence. All the rescues I saw when I looked a few years ago were in the UK, not sure if that's still the case. I sometimes see cats on petfinder listed as turkish van, or angoras. angoras have a similar coat but it seems like they have finer facial features.

I love them, they're awesome cats, though the playing in the toilet when I don't shut the lid does get old.
here's a good shot of lamont's van marking, Tegwyn has the same marking but it's "orange" and very light so it's hard to see. most people think he's solid white. now that I've pointed it out, you can probably see it in the picture.
Thanks both of you for your responces and suggestions. texaspeach, your cats are beautiful! We found a sweet kitten at the local humane society finally. I guess you could say he is a "van alike". He has black markings on his head and tail, but also has patches of black on his back. Of course, he's got the wonderful white long fluffy hair everywhere else. We are fostering him for 2 weeks to see how dh's allergies are. So far so good. I really hope we will be able to keep him.
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