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I Want Him Out

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Okay, my little bear is almost 3 and a half years old. I loved him sleeping with me while we nursed we weaned at 2 years old and he continued to sleep with me/us. But I am tired of him in my bed now!
It used to be cute that he got up in the middle of the night but now I don't have any room. I noticed that the way he kicks me leaves me in a weird position so my neck hurts when i wake up and I am just tired of him. I love my little guy...but MY GOD! Every once in a while i get him back up and walk him to his bed, but he doesn't stay.
Any suggestions?
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Where is his bed? Is it in a different room? Perhaps it could be some gradual approach. At first he has his own bed in your room and then eventually the bed moves to his room? Have a big boy room party to celebrate at that point.
I don't know. No experience here... just throwing out ideas.
My almost 3 year old dd is FINALLY moving out of our bed. She's been weaned since 2 too. We just had baby #5 3 weeks ago, so she HAD to get out. Our bed is a full, so there really isn't room fo 4. She has a pallet on our floor. I told her (and keep telling her) "At night you sleep in your bed and in the day you can sleep with me when I take a nap."
She gets up in the night, sometimes. I usually let her fall asleep and move her back to her bed. She's getting up less though. I guess she's getting used to it.
I had to move my older dd out of our bed when she was around a year just so I could get some sleep. She was a wild sleeper.
Hope you get some relief soon.

He has his own room with his sister. they have been there for more than 2 years!
My kids sleep on a futon right next to our bed. Our bed is w/o a frame so pretty close. So, could you compromise? It'd prob. freak him out to do something drastic like put him in his room and lock your door. You don't want him kicking you all night. So....could you let him sleep next to you on a different mattress? Maybe hold his hand until he falls asleep?
My son is 3, and we've been working on getting him into his bed for about a month now. He sleeps in a sleeping bag on a makeshift bed right now. He's finally accepted that he has his own sleep space, and sleep rather peacefully 99% of the time. We are getting ready to move his "bed" to daddy's side, which is closer to the door of our room. When he's comfortable with that, we're moving him to his bedroom floor...then into his bed. It's a process!
Oh, okay! I guess I will have to be patient! and keep putting him back.
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