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I want more diapers, I want more diapers, I want more diapers

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I'm going to have to stop coming to this board. I'm soooooo envious of all the adorable diapers you guys have!!!

I only own 3 fitted diapers, 3 FBs and some pocket dipes (that I rarely use... too much wicking) and then my prefolds.

I sit back here and DROOL over all the gorgeous fitteds, the AWESOME wool soakers and shorts and just want to

Sometimes I really hate being broke! I think to myself if I just went back to work, I could have all the diapers I wanted (heck... I could buy her Chanel diapers then LOL) but of course, I'd never be here to see her in them

Okay, don't mind me... I'm just having a pity party/diaper envy moment... back to your regular scheduled program now.
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Good for you for realizing that no fluff is worth not seeing your child as much. You are doing a wonderful thing staying at home with her.
Staying home is MUCH more important that diapers(ducking)
If my husband could not afford for me to buy all of this and I had to work to afford it we would be in prefolds and a few good covers.

Thanks ladies

It's nice to be reminding that I'm doing the right thing!!!
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Oh... I forgot to mention, I'm missing the crafty gene

I can rebuild a race car motor from bare bones in 4 hours, or change the oil in our truck... run a backhoe or a loader, but I can't sew a straight line to save my life.... I'm seriously pathetic!
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Check this place out, maybe you could trade in some of your dd's clothes for diapers?
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