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I want this

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Hmm I didn't think you could spam here.
Oh well it's a nice sight with some nice stuff.
well, I guess I need to keep my mouth shut coz I have bought 4 things from this congo already. Someone stop me NOW!!!!
Thats not spamming, the show and tell forum is for this type of thing.

Cute shorts set.
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so you can post from a congo that you belong too? One of my friends runs a congo and thought MDC didn't allow this. It is good to know if it is a-okay to do.
I got some really cool stuff on its way from Becky.
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I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cross a line. I wasn't even thinking about it being part of the congo, just how I wished it was a little bit larger.
Doesn't sound like you did, I think I was under the wrong impression> I am glad you posted coz I wouldn't have found all that cool stuff I got today. That is a cool congo and I just wish I had lots more money.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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