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I want to make a reference page.... can y'all help me?

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While I'm on bedrest, I thought I would make a reference page...

as in:

Hemp Diapers, Front Snapping
Hemp Diapers, Side Snapping
Hemp Diapers, Side Applix
Hemp Diapers, Front Applix
Sherpa Diapers, Front Snapping
Sherpa Diapers, Side Snapping
Organic Cotton Diapers, Front Snapping

etc.... etc.... etc...

I was thinking I could then host this on a free site, to offer some resources for people who are trying to find a specific item.... i.e. they know they like hemp and front snapping, and they want to know who makes that type.... kwim?

Sooo, if you all agree this is a good thing to have on hand, I will start compiling... and ask for input along the way??

Kimberly (yes bedrest is boring)
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That sounds like a great idea! More categories could be pocket fitteds, regular pockets, side snapping pockets, pockets with suedecloth.....we could go on and on! Where do you want to start?
sounds like a great idea........ i was on bedrest almost my entire pregnanacy with DS... it was so boring.....
Okay, now I need computer junkie advice.

I started this in Microsoft Excel....


I want to know how I can use this type of document and load it up so it is searchable online. Do I need to stop and find an appropriate software? Is Excel going to work?

Like, I'd like to be able to click under hemp and FS (front snapping) and have all of those go to the top, like it would if I did it in excel.... make sense-ish?
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I think that's a great idea, bedrest is, indeed, boring. This sounds like a great thing to pass the time.

I'm not a web guru though so g'luck.
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