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I want to make a tie dye earth shirt

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but I am pretty incompetent (sp??) at most things.

Can I do it, or should I just buy one? My son is planet crazy & I'd love to make one for his birthday.
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i'm not sure exactly what you mean...but i think you could do it. YOu'd need soda ash fixer, the dye, synthropol - probably navy blue, emerald or forrest green, bright yellow and chocolate brown? or something like that? You can get all your supplies from

anyway, my point is you could probably do it. I'd say if you dont' have the supplies tho it will cost you more to get the supplies then to just buy the already tiedyed tshirt. Most tiedye kits are only $10 but include turquoise, fuscia and yellow. YOu could mix a bright green and have yellow. the blue would be turquoise but do-able but you'd not have the brown.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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