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I want to potty learn, need advice

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Ds is 24 months. I am tempted to try out potty learning and here is why. He tells me when he has pooped most of the time and generally wants his dipe changed although he HATES having it changed. Also, when I take off his dipe at bath time he pees, not in the bath, on the floor. However, I have put him on the potty once and he didn't like it. I was wondering if he might respond better with one of those toddler seats that attaches to the toilet rather than the little potty chair, more like mommy & daddy, kwim? I am considering trying it out and if no success giving it 2 or 3 months and trying again. Oh, and Dh learned to use the potty at this age so that is more insentive. Dh and ds are ALOT alike, LOL.
Any advise is appreciated! Thanks

Oh, what is a great pant for a smaller toddler? I remember my sil had a hard time finding ones to fit her petite dd.
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It does sound like he definatly could be ready.. isnt' that exciting?! I just loved knowing that very soon, my DS would be out of diapers!! yay! And summer is the PERFECT time to do this! For many reasons. One, of course that he can be pantless out in the yard for a good chunk of each day and get used to not wearing a diaper. Also, if you want to find a potty seat insert, it's yardsale season and they're easy to find there or at the thrift for cheapo (which is good if you don't know that DC will get use out of it or not).
DS#1 learned to use the potty at that exact same age and it was this time of year. We had different circumstances, being that we moved into a house that had a composting toilet so that there was no way to rinse out poopy dipes. But he was old enough to understand why he couldn't wear them anymore. And he learned to pee outside or in the potty in just a few days. I should also say that we lived on 40 acres in the desert, so nosy neighbors weren't a problem - he pooped out in our yard for quite a while, too (I just picked it up in a plastic bag and threw it away). So you may not be able to be as free about his elimination as we were!
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What if you take him with you to the store and have him help you pick out some really cool big boy undies? then, he may not want to mess them up. Do you let him watch you and dh use the toilet? Let him see what big people do, let him flush it. My dd#1 liked the seat attached to the big toilet better than her own potty. It helped us alot.
I like the idea of letting him run around in the backyard naked. He will have more of a visual idea of what goes on.
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