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I want to wean my ds who's almost 2.

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My sweet ds will be 2 on the 29th this month. I really wish he would just give up the nursing. At this point, he only does it for comfort and when I sit down on the couch.

How do you distract them enough? If I try, he just gets mad and throws himself on the floor and cries. Then, I feel bad and do it anyway. Almost rewarding his bad behavior. I feel like I'm starting a problem, rather than wean him gently.

Any suggestions??? I'm open!!
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If he is throwing a tantrum when he wants to nurse and you refuse that is a major sign that he is not ready to wean. Even tho it is for comfort that is a emotional need he still has. When he is ready to wean it will be very different. Follow his cues and he will let you know when he dosnt have a need to nurse anymore.

When my dd was almost 32 months old I couldnt take it any more (major issues with my nerves)and I decided that I would try to get her to wean and see how it went. It went great she was ready there was no crying wanting to nurse when I said they were asleep or all gone she was fine with that would walk off and be happy.
DD nursings were scheduled. (AM, midmorning, after nap, before bed etc.) When I first started cutting out nursing I found something to give her to replacing the comfort. She liked Danimals (drinkable yogurts). She would ask to nurse (especially if I was on the couch) and I would say "No, but youcan have some "yogurt juice"" and she would reply with an affirmative. After a few weeks, she gave them up.

When I recently cut out the morning feeding, my mom (whom we live with) started getting up with her. If I get her out of her crib in the mornings, she still asks to nurse. If my mom does it, she asks to eat.

Some nights the only thing that gets her to start up the stairs is to tell her it's time to nurse, so I'm not sure what to do when it's time to cut that feeding too. My mom might just have to take over again.
I agree, it sounds like he's not ready.

It does sound like he is not ready. Are you ready?
I want to wean my dd also. But she not ready.

She nurses a couple of times a night and many times a day.

She is fine when I am not home. Everyso I often leave for the morning early afternoon.

I wont work on weaning till November, I have promised myself that my kids would nurse 2 years if they wanted. My middle weaned herself at 19 months
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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