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I was disgusted....

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by the local radio station this morning!!!

Apparently there was an episode of Desparate Housewives on last night with a women nursing her 5 year old. (I didn't see the episode.) They were talking about how breastfeeding a baby older than an infant is ridiculous. Then people were calling in with their opinions. One lady said, "If you want to do the whole milk thing, put it in a bottle." And they were agreeing with her!!!!!

I was furious and tried to call in, but they didn't answer my call. I am going to write them a nasty little email.
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I saw the episode, and while the fellow co-workers were disgusted by the age of the child who was breastfeeding, it was more an issue that the breastfeeding was really interfering with the mother's ability to do her job.

This part it worse: Felicity Huffman's character gave the little boy chocolate milk when he went looking for his mom to nurse. As a result, he decided he didn't want to bf anymore. I thought her actions were HORRIBLE.

BUT THEN: the mother is crying b/c her son has decided to wean...and complains that now she is going to get fat because "the breastfeeding was like 30 minutes of cardio...and now I'm going to have to go to the gym!" she says as she wails.

Overall I think the episode gave a really bad view of child-led weaning, the only good point was when confronted the mother said that she will wean when her son is ready to and not before...and if anyone had an issue with it they could speak to her lawyer. I enjoy the show personally, but this episode really angered me and I plan to e-mail as well!
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Yeah, I didn't see the episode. The only thing they were talking about on the radio station this morning was that breastfeeding a toddler or child was ridiculous.
That's just really sad. People have such bad attitudes, and if they realized that their attitudes are due to corporate big wigs doing their best to market products they'd probably be pretty sick about it too.
There are a couple of threads in the Lactivism forum on might want to check them out.
Write the email! Maybe they will become a little better educated.

I called about a sort of similar topic on a radio station. It was pretty funny because they are really all about cutting you off, ya know? Anyway, I basically told them (nicely) to shut up and let me talk. They actually DID... and after they listened for a minute they started commenting on how I sounded like a teacher... blahblahblah... I AM a teacher and was actually teaching in a school at the time. So, that was funny... but really, my point is, they don't really care to hear the truth unless it matches their own and won't even allow it over the waves unless there's someone just as bullheaded as them talkin. YKWIM? I totally had to tell kids all day to close their traps, so I just behaved in that same way... so, make sure when you do write to them you are very authoratative and quote some strong sources.

good luck! And good FOR YOU!!!! Inform inform inform!
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