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I posted about how to get lanolin out of wool (thanks everyone!-dish soap does it) because I got big ol' goop spots on two brand new soakers. I was sooo worried about DH finding out because I thought I ruined them. So, anyways, they were soaking in the bathroom sink and what does DH do? He shaves over the sink without taking the soakers out first!!! GRRRR....

Ok, so I thought lanolin was difficult to get, it's facial hair that is hard to get out!

He was halfway through shaving when he called me into the bathroom to tell me I better move the soakers because the hair was dropping into the sink.
When I freaked out, he said, "so what, just throw 'em in the washer."


I don't think these soakers are EVER going to make it onto my baby's bum. :LOL
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