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I went to the mailbox yesterday and...

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there was a package addressed to Oliver (my six week old son) and it was fluffy. I was not expecting anything fluffy. The package was from amysuen. She had made him the cutest knit tyedyed fitted for him and mailed it to me. I think it was made using the newborn cuddlebuns pattern. Tell us Amy.

We had met up in real life a couple weeks ago and had a little teeny "diaper party" at my house. I guess she wanted to give to me that day, but she hadn't finished it yet. It was really a day brightener since my little one had been in the hopitalized with a UTI the past couple of days and had been in sposies so they could measure is urine production.

Hope I didn't embarass you, but Amy, but I just wanted to share
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Amy is one of the sweetest mamas I have met on these boards! What a wonderful pick-me-up for you and your little guy! Hope he's feeling better now.
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That is so sweet! I really love hearing these kind of stories.
See less See more sweet. She is one very talented mama!
OH! That's sooo sweet! Way to go Amy! And, yay!!! The fairy returnith!!!
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It was Amber's Darling Diaper pattern, but I could have done CB if I'd thought of it- duh!
: I'm really really glad to hear that Oliver's back at home and everything is OK. He's such a sweetie!!
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