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I wish we weren't really broke!

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I checked out the soakers at Bum Wrap Diapers I SOOO Want a couple of them... And shes doing an awsome drawing on her site right now too...

Ok I am there on the 15th when we get paid! LOL! I kind of wanted to try a couple of those snappi fitteds also... They seem like they might be good for daytime...

sorry just had to vent. I keep finding things I want and can't buy yet! lol...

Had to add... No one buy the flowered soaker or I will hunt you down!!! LOL!
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OOOHHHH, I need to check my paypal account...I love a drawing!!! I think I need some Bummis for the new baby, and Jen is always so quick to ship!
That flower soaker is SOOO cute! Good thing I don't have a girl (or money right now :LOL ). I just got a dozen cpf's from Jen ... she shipped them the next morning and sent a little sample for me!
I haven't tried the Snappi fitteds (been tempted a few times) but they look really cute!
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