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I woke up with the family cold...

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and it is a doozy. My husband fell first, now both my girls have it too and I woke up with it. Horrible cough, ear pain, goopy eyes, misery. Boo hiss. I took the girls to the pedi yesterday just to check ears, etc. and she confirmed it is just viral and miserable.

Any ideas for how I can treat myself safely? I'm not usually a traditional medicine taker but this one was bad enough that my husband who NEVER takes drugs took cold medicine at his worst so I want to be prepared with some pregnancy safe remedies. I have a neti and will start that. I've looked and it appears Vicks is safe to use in pregnancy. I want to try garlic oil in my ears but I've never done it. Anyone have any other tips or can tell me how to do garlic oil? You should be immune from all sickness when pregnant. That's all I can say.
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i've had luck with tea tree/eucalyptus/lavender oil (a drop or two of each diluted with olive oil, and put on a q-tip or cotton ball) for ear pain/infection .. i've taken raw garlic orally but not used the oil..

for sinus pressure iv'e had a lot of luck with pressure points that my chiro showed me.. i really can't explain it in writing but you can look them up..

also, tea tree oil in hot water (steam) helps me a lot.. 3-4 times a day, .. it clears yoru sinuses and has anti bacterial/viral properties .. so they say..

personally, in addition to the above, i might take tylenol, but thats it. cold meds do wacky things to me and i don't feel right doing that while pregnant even though my former OB insisted that many otc cold meds were fine..
My doctor suggests sweet oil for ears
We've got it, too, and I thought the same thing- you should be immune while pregnant. I am so exhausted already and add this to the morning sickness...
I don't take anything, just try to tough it out. I used to use thyme oil in steam, but never saw a difference in the duration of colds around here so I stopped. I did have to take Tylenol once for the horrible headache, but I even hate doing that.
i caught a cold this past weekend too... i was able to work from home monday and tuesday and drank a lot of hot water with lemon and soup. and tried to rest as much as possible. i'm feeling much better today.
get well soon!
My girls were sick all weekend and now I've got the same cold. It's awful, horrible sinus pressure. I stayed home from work yesterday and I'm working from home today.

I'm drinking tons of water and warm tea. Tomato Red Pepper soup helps my sinuses drain. I'm also using a neti pot with a few drops of eucalyptus oil.
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